4 Reasons to Visit the Amalfi Coast, Italy in the Off-Season


1. You have the whole place for yourself!

Ok, maybe you and a few other tourists, but it is still a great place without the crowds of people, shorter lines, smaller crowds. You notice the traffic is busy even in the offseason, just imagine how crowded can get in the summer.

2. Everything is so much cheaper!

From accommodation, boat trips, buses, even food! If you are a student, like me, you will definitely appreciate the huge difference between prices for holidays in spring/autumn and the ones in the summer. Going with a group of 60 people is also helpful in getting big group discounts added to the student discount. So it's a win-win!


3. Perfect weather!

Coming like us from the wonderful weather of UK it was great to have 20 degrees and sunny weather in March. It's not that hot as the summer and definitely not as cold as the winter. So the weather is perfect to make the most of your day from morning until late at night.


4. You can really see the Italian culture!

Considering the fact that there are just a few tourists in the offseason, you have a chance to meet more locals and see the way they live and act on a daily basis. Visiting  Italy and Amalfi Coast is not only about enjoying the beautiful views but also understanding the Italian culture and the way they enjoy life, or how they say it 'il dolce far niente'.

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